Acupuncture Beauty, The Latest Crazy in Japan

The so-called acupuncture beauty is a way that using acupuncture and moxibustion methods to benefit organs, reduce swellings and eliminating stagnation, as well as regulating Qi and blood, thereby reducing or eliminating some physiological and pathological diseases that has impacted appearance, and thus to achieve the purpose of improving physical fitness, anti-aging, as well as beautify and benefit face.

Now forget cosmetic surgery. The ancient treatment of acupuncture is gaining new popularity as a beauty secret in Japan about 1,500 years after it first came there from China.

As aesthetic sessions increasingly go organic or employ traditional remedies, women at the "Beauty World Japan" exhibition this week lined up to try acupuncture, long known for its health advantages.

Inserting tiny needles into faces, boosts natural facial healing powers, says therapist Takeshi Kitagawa.

"This is not a medicalor surgical procedure," said Kitagawa, acupuncture therapist and owner of Yojo spa.

"We use the healing powers that a person's body naturally possesses, and within the general trend toward a more 'natural beauty' our acupuncture is very well accepted."

Japan is the world's number two market for beauty products and services, with sales estimated at over $15 billion last year alone. Now Japan has an estimated 40,000 registered acupuncturists and over 150 schools, mainly focused on traditional uses.

Acupuncturist licensing began during Japan's Meiji Era, about 130 years ago, and Kitagawa says his clients, mainly in their 30s, are increasingly pinning their hopes onthe treatment, seeing cosmetics or faceliftsas pricey and not as healthy.

"It's different from plastic surgery, it doesn't have the risk of failure. Besides, it uses the innate power of human body to create beauty, and that's the reason I like it," said Rie Hayashida.

The way using acupuncture for beauty is one of important methods of beautification. This is a way that can be operated easily, safe and reliable and the same time has no side effects, and therefore it is welcomed by people in general.

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