Facial Diagnostic I

Facial Diagnosis IA = lines between edge of nostrils and corners of upper lip indicate good liver health

B = The color of the lips indicate the state of health. Herbalists differ on how to divide the lips. Upper lip can be used to ascertain stomach health. The lower lip can be used to ascertain the health of the larrge intestine. OR the lips can be divided vertically.

C = the area from the corners of the lower lip to the chin indicate reproductive health. Lots of blemishes indicate fertility. Prominent lines extending from the lipd downward can be interpreted as an induicator of strong intuitive abilities.

D = dots or dimples at the corners of the lower lip indicate the health of the duodenum, part of the small intestine.

E = neck lines indicate thyroid problems

F = distance between the ears and the head indicate personality tendencies. Ears that stick out may indicate athletic tendencies (see picture) whereas ears close to the head indicate a more intellectual personality. These are generalizations.

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