Huiyinbi group enters the field of microelectronics diagnosis

Huiyinbi GroupOn the 15 anniversary of setup, Huiyinbi Group signs a formal cooperation agreement with Tsinghua University to jointly research and develop oral endoscopic system.

Using the oral endoscopic system will help you solve the following problems.

1. Small input improves clinics grades immediately ,so that the patients will receive your treatment program.

2. The product can promote the exchanges of the doctors and paitients , Achieving the desired effect of seeing is believing,It can reduce the intensity of the work of the docotors,increase the paitients confidence to the doctors.

3. It can perfect the attendance after review measures to make patients more satisfied .thus increasing the competiveness of your market.

4. It can create an electronic medical record management system, and is conducive to the exchanges of the doctors, in the event of medical disputes it can be proof.

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