Facial Diagnostic III

Facial Diagnosis IIIA = the lines just below or at the bottom of the eye bags indicate liver health. Prominent lines may indicate an irritated liver

B = the middle section of the nose indicates digestive and stomach health

C = The tip of the nose indicates heart health. Lots of broken capillaries may indicate heart problems past or present

D = nostrils. In TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) the nostrils allow chi to enter the body, therefore the wider the nostrils the more chi or life force energy is available to the body, so the bigger the nostrils the better off you are

E = cheeks are divided into triangles with upper, middle and lower sections. The upper sections correspond to the upper portion of the lungs, the middle to the middle and the lower to the lower. Left cheek to left lung, right cheek to right lung. The color indicates the state of health.

F = filtrum, that little divet just in between and below your nostrils and above your lips. If it is perfectly vertical, then it indicates good health. If it wrinkles, then reproductive health is poor. If it is at an angle, the person had poor health as a child. If it is close together it may indicate poor stomach health.

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